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This one-on-one training helps meet the Government of Canada’s six key leadership competencies. It focuses on developing the effective behaviours expected at each leadership level for each of the six competencies:

  • Creating Vision and Strategy,
  • Mobilize People,
  • Uphold Integrity and Respect,
  • Collaborate with Partners and Stakeholders,
  • Achieve Results and
  • Promote Innovation and Guide Change.

I use a mix of training, mentoring and a review clients’ own leadership situations and how to address them successfully.  I developed this approach over four years as part of my former department’s Mentoring Program, in which I mentored over 25 managers and new executives.

For purchase

You can buy:

  • A fully tailored 11-hour training package for $3,300 – one discovery session and ten 60-minute sessions, covering the six leadership competencies and areas of interest.
  • Individual sessions for $300 – 60-minutes each.

To know more, contact me for a free consultation.

Content and structure

We start with a discovery session to identify the leadership competencies that the client should develop. From this, we build a tailored work plan and schedule, with specific discussion topics for each session to meet development goals.

In addition to prescribed GC leadership competencies and behaviours, training can cover client’s specific challenges and interests, for example:

  • How to maintain work-life balance – for yourself and your team,
  • Leading your team through difficult times,
  • Briefing senior executives / selling your vision to senior executives,
  • Leading teams through change and innovation,
  • Having difficult conversations / leading performance discussions,
  • Dealing with difficult ethical situations,
  • How to get experience needed for future assignments (ex. financial, HR, policy, operations).

Each 60-minute session usually explores topics in the following manner:

  • Review the leadership competency or topic – what is expected and why,
  • Discuss pre-assigned reading material (ex. relevant Harvard Business Review article),
  • Analyze a real-life situation provided by the client – how the situation is challenging, tools at their disposal, competencies at play, and how to apply the competencies successfully.
  • Discuss relevant experience from my own 20+ years as a manager, director and executive director.
  • Conclude with possible next steps for the client.

Training sessions are held every 3-4 weeks.

This training is provided in full confidentiality. I will not divulge what clients share during training to their employer or manager.

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