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I help public sector teams.

Leaders – Meet new challenges and reach your potential

Teams – Focused, healthy and ready for the future

Projects – With tangible results and successful change

What I do

Executive coaching

As a certified coach, I help executives reflect on professional challenges. Through open-ended, non-advisory conversations, I challenge their thinking to better identify obstacles and possible solutions. I offer a safe sounding board as they determine the way forward to achieve what matters most.

You can buy an 11-session package for $3,300, or individual sessions for $300.

Leadership training

Through training and mentoring, I guide new leaders on how to develop and demonstrate the GC key leadership competencies expected at executive levels and in their performance agreements. Read more about this intensive program.

You can buy an 11-session package for $3,300, or individual sessions for $300.

EX interview training

I help candidates prepare for executive-level job interviews – to show they meet requirements and stand out in a pool. Training covers key messaging and anecdotes, video interviews, and strategic, behavioural and action management questions, as well as a mock interview with feedback.

You can buy an intensive 3-session package for $950, or individual sessions for $375.

Managing in a complex world - training

This new training explores how to strengthen leaders’ management practice and decision-making in a complex and fast-changing world. Read more about this innovative program.

You can buy an 8-session package for $2,750, or sessions for $300.

Strategic planning and organizational design

I lead team engagement, priority-setting and planning exercises. I craft effective strategic documents and advise on a range of issues, such as: how to strengthen teams, renew business processes, HR and workforce planning, and governance. I help align business lines to deliver on common objectives.

Reach out to discuss your needs.

Projects and change

I help clients implement a variety of strategies and projects – developing and delivering new activities, products and work tools. I focus on change management, digital services, supporting managers in their daily work, empowering employees, and creating productive hybrid workplaces.

Reach out to discuss your needs.

François Morissette Executive Coach

Photo: François Morissette


  • International Coaching Federation Member badge
  • Flow Certified Business Coach (FCBC) Module 1-5 from Flow Coaching Institute badge

Who I am

My leadership values are about work-life balance, nurturing your team, clear priorities and achievable outcomes. Family and health come first.

I developed this approach over 20 years as a Government of Canada executive, where I led many teams – as chief of staff, in digital services, communications, corporate governance, and policy making.

I now leverage my broad experience to help public sector leaders reach their potential and deliver on priorities.

Based in Ottawa, I am a certified business coach (International Coaching Federation) and a Prosci change sponsor. I work in English and French.

I have a PSPC ProServices supply arrangement for leadership development, consulting, organizational design, change and project management, and communications.

Robust resources inform my work, for example on:

I have an Honours Bachelor of Commerce in public policy from the University of Ottawa. I completed graduate courses in public administration at Carleton University.  I love jazz guitar.

Clients include leaders and teams from:

  • Canada Border Services Agency
  • The Privy Council Office
  • Shared Services Canada
  • Public Health Agency of Canada
  • Environment and Climate Change Canada
  • Transport Canada
  • The Canadian Human Rights Commission
  • Parks Canada
  • Department of National Defence

” …my (EX-3) interview is complete, and I can tell you that the training your provided helped immensely… I observed a lot of nodding and smiling on the board. Because of this, my nerves were in check and I feel I was able to put my best foot forward… Thanks again, François!” – 2024

“It was a pleasure working with you. (Our workforce management practices) have really made giant strides in the last year. We now have to maintain them.” – 2023

“François helped me understand my professional situation and equipped me with tools to address challenges.  I recommend him to anyone seeking to advance in their career.” – 2022




  • International Coaching Federation Member badge
  • Flow Certified Business Coach (FCBC) Module 1-5 from Flow Coaching Institute badge

How can I help you?

Please enter a valid email address, such as: joe@example.com

Government of Canada partners, find me on Canadabuys.canada.ca or find me on ProServices via your procurement team.

Individual clients, contact me at 613-252-6656 or at 175 Second Ave, Ottawa, ON, K1S 2H6.


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