FC Morissette Consulting: Executive coaching,
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Digital leadership

I help public sector teams turn great ideas into reality

Leaders – ready to take on new challenges and reach their potential;

Teams – focused, healthy and ready for the future;

Projects – to deliver tangible results and make successful change.

What I do

Executive coaching

As a certified coach (ICF FLOW), I help leaders take on new challenges and reach their potential. I provide a safe space to reflect and to set new goals. I then lead thought-provoking discussions on how to reach them. Throughout this journey, I offer a supportive challenge function for better results. A strict code of ethics guides this work.

You can buy:
– An 11-hour coaching package for $3,300 – one discovery session + ten 60-minute tailored sessions.
Individual sessions for $300 – 60-minutes each.

Leadership training

As an experienced mentor, I help leaders develop the Government of Canada key leadership competencies needed to meet their next executive level.

Read more about the approach for this intensive training.

You can buy:
– A 10-hour training package for $3,000 – ten 60-minute sessions, covering key GC competencies and more.
Individual 60-minute sessions for $300.

EX interview training

I prepare managers and executives to interview for Government of Canada leadership positions – to show they meet GC leadership competencies and stand out in a pool of candidates. Through coaching and mock interviews, we cover tailored key messages, relevant anecdotes, responding to strategic and action management questions, and more.

You can buy:
– A 6-hour training package for $1,500 – four intensive 90-minute sessions, including mock interviews.
Individual sessions for $375 – 90-minutes each.

Strategic planning and advice

As a strategist, I lead visioning and planning exercises. I advise clients on how to strengthen corporate functions and governance. I play a strong challenge function so that decisions are sound and business lines work as one. As well, I help my clients tell their story through effective strategic documents.

Contact me for a consultation and quote.

Change and renewal

I help teams renew their services for the future. Engaging partners, I develop options and strategies to redesign business lines.  I focus on ethical governance, client experience, daily operations, empowering employees, and productive hybrid workplaces.

I then support change implementation using PROSCI and other tools. I focus on the executive leader’s role, engagement across teams, and sound project management.

Contact me for a consultation and quote.

Digital projects and transformation

I help improve clients’ digital services and web operations. I focus on digital governance, process management, accessibility, and client experience. I advise clients on digital change and its potential for growth. I help break barriers between digital services and other business lines, including policy, programs, service delivery, security and communications.

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François Morissette Executive Coach

Photo: François Morissette


  • International Coaching Federation Member badge
  • Flow Certified Business Coach (FCBC) Module 1-5 from Flow Coaching Institute badge

Who I am

My leadership style is about work-life balance, nurturing your team, proactive change management and a constant focus on tangible deliverables. I developed this approach over 20 years as an executive with the Government of Canada, where I led large digital, communications and policy teams. I did this while putting my family and health first.

I focus on “execution”- turning great ideas into concrete results. My expertise covers user-first digital services, corporate communications, governance, and federal social programs. I am skilled at leading people, advising senior leaders, client service, managing complex projects, and issues management.

I am a certified business coach (International Coaching Federation, FLOW). I am briefed as a PROSCI executive change sponsor. Based in Ottawa, I can work internationally and offer my services in English and French.

I use proven tools and knowledge sources to deliver my services, including:

I hold an Honours Bachelor of Commerce in public policy from the University of Ottawa. I completed graduate courses in public administration at Carleton University. And yes, I love jazz guitar.


  • International Coaching Federation Member badge
  • Flow Certified Business Coach (FCBC) Module 1-5 from Flow Coaching Institute badge

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