Managing in a complex world

How to strengthen how your management practice and decision-making

Building on Sara Filbee’s timely and must-read work – “Managing in Complexity” – this innovative training explores key concepts and approaches to strengthen public sector leaders’ ability to manage in a complex and uncertain world.

Material in this training is used with permission of the author.

For purchase

You can buy a fully tailored 8-hour one-on-one training package for $2,750.

To know more, including group rates,  contact me.

Content and structure

We start with a session to set participants’ expectations and introduce the key concepts supporting complexity management.  

The next six sessions focus on individual approaches to strengthen your management practice:

  • The need to be both emotionally involved and detached,
  • Acknowledging and enabling our interdependence,
  • Building trust,
  • The importance of work culture and how we do things,
  • Working with metrics (and knowing their limits),
  • Improving your meetings.

A final session will synthesize lessons learned and include a formal coaching session to help participants set out their next steps.

Each 60-minute session usually explores topics in the following manner:

  • Participants pre-read the relevant chapter,
  • Discuss the main principles of each approach – what is proposed and why,
  • Discuss questions for reflection – as an individual leader and for reflection with teams and partners, 
  • Analyze one or two real situations facing participants and how the proposed approach could apply,
  • Link back to relevant GC Key Leadership Competencies and expected behaviours,
  • Conclude with possible next steps for participants.

Sessions will be held every 3-4 weeks, usually over five months. This gives participants time to reflect on their exploration and add new practices to their daily management and leadership.

This training is provided in full confidentiality.

Required material to be purchased by participants  

Managing in Complexity – Sara Filbee, Routledge, 2023 – via Taylor and Francis Group website


Managing in Complexity – Sara Filbee, Routledge, 2023 – via

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